Trademark Policy

The word "Pagekit" and the Pagekit logo are trademarks owned by Sascha Dube and Steffan Schiewe. While we are excited to see our community grow and encourage you to use the Pagekit trademark, you need to follow a few guidelines or obtain permission.

Obtain a License

It is important for us to protect the integrity of the name Pagekit as a trademark. That doesn't mean that we want to prevent people from using our trademark altogether. We just don't want any confusion as to what site, product or extension "officially" comes from Pagekit or endorse usage that might damage the Pagekit project and its community.

That is why a written permission is required to use the Pagekit logo or name for your own purpose. We distinguish between an automatic approval and a license that needs to be obtained by applying for permission. Note that this guide might not cover every possible scenario. If you're not sure whether you meet the requirements to use the Pagekit trademark without explicit permission, please send an email.

Automatic Approval

In the following cases we grant you an automatic license to use the Pagekit trademark in your project without having to ask for permission prior to usage.

  1. You exclusively use the Pagekit trademark to "foster the Pagekit software" - this means, the sole purpose of your projects must be to extend or improve Pagkeit or to encourage the use of Pagekit.

    Important This also means that any direct profits generated by using the Pagekit trademark, must also be exclusively used to foster the Pagekit software.

    • An open access, free monthly newsletter called "Pagekit Weekly"
    • A freely distributed Pagekit theme called "Pagekit Halloween Theme"
    • A website "", showcasing great projects that were made with Pagekit
    • A fork called "A better Pagekit"
    • Selling t-shirts (or anything really) with the Pagekit logo to raise money for another cause
    • A website called "", showcasing hideous projects that were made with Pagekit
  2. You are using the Pagekit trademark as part of a domain name, title of website, title of a seminar, title of a course or title of a software package whose sole purpose is to foster the Pagekit software.

    • A non-commercial website called ""
    • A keynote called "Best Pagekit practices"
    • A commercial course called "Pagekit for newbies"
  3. You are using the Pagekit trademark not implying an official Pagekit project or endorsement by the Pagekit developers.

    • A free course a called "The unoffical guide to Pagekit"
    • A book titled "The official Pagekit guide"
    • A commercial website called ""
  4. The Pagekit trademark is used as part of the title for a meet-up but not in combination with the words conference, conf, convention or foundation.

    • Pagekit Meet-up Hamburg
    • First annual Pagekit Convention

Permission Required

These cases will always require that you apply for permission. Even if you meet the requirements mentioned above, but one or more of the following circumstances apply, you need to ask permission to use the Pagekit trademark.

  1. The use of the Pagekit trademark implies or suggests an "official link" between your product, company or service and Pagekit.

    • A website called ""
    • A company called "Pagekit Development Inc"
  2. The Pagekit trademark is used as part of a top-level domain name like "pagekit.tld".

  3. The Pagekit trademark is used as part of a domain name that covers an entire category of products or services that are relevant to the Pagekit community or is too generic.

  4. The Pagekit trademark is used as part of a company name.

    • Pagekit Users Germany
    • Pagekit Ltd
    • Pagekit Themes

Rules of use

With the exception of the "nominative fair use" of the Pagekit trademark, your use of the Pagekit trademark is subject to the following rules (irrespective of whether you received an automatic license or obtained the permission for use):

  1. Any use of the Pagekit trademark entails acceptance of this policy.
  2. The Pagekit trademark cannot be used for illegal, defamatory or humiliating purposes, or any other purpose that may negatively impact the Pagekit software.
  3. The Pagekit trademark should be accompanied by the following text (or an appropriate translation): "Pagekit is a registered trademark of Sascha Dube and Steffan Schiewe."

Pagekit reserves the right to change or modify the current policy at any time without prior notice. Therefore, we encourage you to review this agreement frequently for changes.