Take a look at our future milestones to discuss the development of Pagekit and long-term goals. We are open for suggestions and would love to see more developers getting involved with Pagekit.

1.0.0 Release / Q1 2016

The Pagekit Beta is feature complete and our focus now lies on fixing bugs, small improvements and writing the documentation. Once there are no more bugs to squash we will release the stable version. There'll be chocolate cake for everyone while we take a good long nap. We hope to have it ready very soon.


Here are some long term goals we have in mind for the future. We are open for suggestions from the community and we will take your feedback into account when prioritizing. Just head over to GitHub to discuss different ideas or to open a new feature request in the issue tracker.

  • Custom Fields #119
  • Front-end Editing #97
  • Revisions #4
  • Taxonomies #3
  • Multi-language #173

All these ideas are open for discussion. There is no guarantee that they will make it into Pagekit.