Mercator Gallery

Mercator Gallery

Mercator Gallery for Pagekit is a gallery extensions, which automatically creates UIKit3 sliders and lighboxes using all images in a directory. While it uses UIKit3, it can be used with UIKit2 themes as well.

Using this extension is really simple:

  • Create a directory with your images within Storage, e.g., "myslideshow"
  • To include the images on your page, simply use (mercator_gallery){"dir":"myslideshow"} .
  • The extension will use magic to produce either a slider (rotating images) or thumbnails that turn into a lightbox once you click on them.

Version 1.10 now allows you to set a variety of options through Pagekit's admin interface.

If you like the extension, feel free to send a beer across to Switzerland... a respective link can be found in the admin interface of the plugin. Or use if you are a PayPal fan..