Help translating Pagekit

We work with Transifex, a simple and easy platform where you can share language files and work together on localization.

Feel free to join Pagekit on Transifex. After a fast sign up you can help correct existing translations or add your own language.

Contribute to an existing translation

If you would like to improve or complete an existing localization, go to Pagekit on Transifex and choose the language you want to contribute to. You will then see all Resources that can be translated.

To take part in the Pagekit project, you must first click the Join team button in the language folder. Once we've approved your request, you will be able to access the language team and can start to translate the project. Thanks!

Join team

Choose the resource you want to contribute to by clicking on it, this will open an options screen. By clicking Translate now you will enter the Transifex editor, which allows you to translate on the fly without having to down- and upload the files.

Request a language

If your language is not listed, you can add a new language to the project. To do so, go to the Pagekit project on Transifex and add a new language by clicking the button on the right hand side Request language. We will then get notified and can review and approve your added language.

Request a language

Following our approval, you will have two options:

Start the translation in the Transifex editor

If your requested language has been approved, you can start to translate the extensions or Resources as they are called in Transifex. Just click the resource you want to work on and press the button Translate now.

Upload a .po file

In case you already created a .po language file, you can easily upload it by clicking the resource and then Upload file.

A green bar in each column shows you the progress of each localization.