Getting Help

There are several channels to reach the developers and the Pagekit community to get direct assistance.

If you can't find the right answers to your questions, you can turn to one of our other sources to get help and discuss your issues, but also to receive news and update notifications.


Discord is the chat service we use. Access the free chat at https://discord.gg/e7Kw47E.

Github Issues

If you want to report a bug or contribute your ideas, you can use the Pagekit GitHub Issues tracker.


Follow Pagekit on Twitter to get real-time news regarding the development and all events we are attending.


We have an active Google+ community that is a good place to discuss and learn about Pagekit. Feel free to share your own projects built with Pagekit.

Pagekit Blog

Read major project news and articles for developers on the Pagekit Blog. Stay up to date with new releases and join the discussion in the comments section.

Pagekit Forum

A passionate Pagekit user has started a forum for the community to discuss and share their knowledge. It's available in German and English and open for everybody to join. Head over to the Pagekit forum and register for free.