Pagekit Developer Spotlight: Roman Lossin-Beßler

Pagekit Developer Spotlight: Roman Lossin-Beßler

Today we want to highlight the work of one of the most active developers of Pagekit extensions. Roman Lossin-Beßler developed over 20 useful extensions for Pagekit. He is the administrator of the Pagekit Forum, which is a very helpful place to get the latest news about Pagekit or ask for help. And he also regularly hosts Pagekit community hangouts. The next one is tomorrow at 19:00 UTC, so feel free to join it.

The Interview

In this interview Roman shares his experience as well as gives tips to all who consider using Pagekit.

Hi Roman, How are you? Tell us about yourself.

Hi I am fine, thank you. I am Roman, a 30 years old student from Göttingen, Germany. Besides my studies I’m working at the GWDG - a data center that provides services for the university and the Max-Planck-Society.

When did you become a developer?

I started „developing“ when I got my first PC. If I remember correctly, I was 9 or 10 years old. Of course, I loved all the games, and it was just an offline-PC, but one day I got a book about programming. It was on C++, and I remember failing hard. I had to read a lot, tried and failed again. As there was no Stack Overflow, I was not able to ask somebody to help me. It took a long time for me to learn it.

How did you find out about Pagekit, and what was the reason for choosing it?

Some years ago I worked with WordPress and Joomla!. In 2012 I started my own business. As I needed solutions for customer support and invoice management, I tried building a wrapper for Joomla!. It worked, but it was a lot of work.

During the development I often thought that not everything is solved well, but I had to do it this way because there was no other solution. WordPress, and I know there are a lot of people out there who love WordPress, did not work for me either. I did not like the way worked, especially once the project became more extensive.

So I searched for other CMS or frameworks, and I found Pagekit, which was lightweight and built on components I really like.

What was your first project with Pagekit?

It was a small web project about one of my hobbies. I breed reptiles, and I wanted to share what I did. My first extension for Pagekit was a little tool that calculated how much money you have to spend for the power consumption of the terrarium. I often use it myself as I created a few presets for lamps that are often used.

What excites you most about Pagekit?

A lot. It’s really simple, clean and lightweight. It’s so easy to set up a small Pagekit website within a few minutes. As a developer I love the way extensions are created. And I think Pagekit is one of a few content management systems that comes with Vue.js, which I really like.

How does Pagekit compare to other CMS platforms you worked with?

CMSs like Joomla!, Drupal or WordPress are all good in their own way. But if I compare them to Pagekit, I have to say that working with Pagekit is more elegant. As a web master I can use a very robust and out of the box ACL. As a developer I can extend the ACL with a few lines of code. Pagekit is easy to use. It is perfect for people who are not familiar with PHP, JavaScript, etc., and it is easy to extend.

If you could change one thing about Pagekit, what would it be?

I would extend the marketplace to encourage developers to develop extensions and themes.

What is your #1 Feature request for Pagekit?

Taxonomies. But there are more feature requests I consider important.

How many extensions for Pagekit have you developed so far?

Hm… I don’t know. 24? 25?

What are you currently working on?

There are some cool extensions that are almost ready or waiting for some pull requests to be merged into Pagekit’s next release. There is an AMP extension and much more.

What is your wish for Pagekit for the next year?

I would really love to see Pagekit and its community grow. And of course I hope to see an active development and some cool features in the core.

What advice can you give to someone who considers using Pagekit?

Try it. You can start right now and set up Pagekit within a few minutes on your own PC. You don’t even need a web hosting account. If you have questions, join the community and ask us for help.

Roman’s Extensions

Many thanks to Roman for sharing his thoughts on Pagekit and for so many great extensions. You can find them all in Pagekit Marketplace. Also, visit Romans forum if you need more advice. Stay tuned and let Roman know what you think about his extensions. Here is an overview of Roman’s extensions:

Extension Description Marketplace
Lazy Load Adds lazy loading for your images Get it here
Notify On Comment Notifies users if a new comment is added Get it here
Lightbox Adds a lightbox to your content Get it here
Markoldcontent Marks blog posts as potentially outdated Get it here
WordPress Import Imports your WordPress blog posts, comments and attachments Get it here
SEO Tweaks your website and adds more powerful SEO-features Get it here
Security Allows you to ban spamming or attacking users Get it here
Shrink Images Shrinks images to improve loading time Get it here
Google Opt Out Allows the user to opt out from Google Analytics Get it here
Redirect Allows you to redirect 404 to any URL Get it here
Backups Creates a full backup of your Pagekit-based website Get it here
Selectionshare Lets your visitors share the selected text easily Get it here
Assets Include JavaScript or CSS to your site, and more Get it here
Shariff Include social sharing without harming the privacy of your visitors Get it here
Linker Allows you to manage outgoing links Get it here
Detect AdBlocker Allows you to detect AdBlocker Get it here
TOC Adds a table of contents Get it here
Hidemail Obfuscates all email-addresses in your frontend views Get it here
Loremipsum Generator Allows you to easily add blind text to your editor Get it here
Glossary Adds a glossary to your website Get it here
Exit Intent Displays popover when a visitor attempts to exit the website Get it here
Metadesc Adds meta-description to your website Get it here
Latest Blog Comments Shows latest blog comments Get it here
Cookie Warning Displays a warning message on your website Get it here
Sitemap Generator Generates a sitemap of your website Get it here
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