4 new themes in 24 style variations

4 New Themes in 24 different Flavours

Today four new themes find their way into the Pagekit Marketplace. To those who have been using YOOtheme products in the past, these might seem familiar. To demonstrate the wide range of possibilities that Pagekit offers to theme developers, we have decided to create themes based on Avion, Avanti, Aurora and Dolce Vita for Pagekit!


With its classical tiled layout and overall clean design, Avion is the perfect choice for any business related website. It features two different header styles. One places the logo inside the navbar, the other one above it, so that there's plenty of space for a big logo. You can apply a particles animation with different color modi to each widget and we added a Google Material inspired ripple effect to a number of different UI elements. A handful of custom classes provided with Avion help you to arrange your content.

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Avion Theme


This theme features a main menu with three styles and two layouts, so that six different navbar combinations are possible. A subtle animation is applied to the navigation when it turns sticky. Additionally, Avanti offers two different layouts for the footer, which can be fixed as well. The custom Hero position features an image picker, different blend modes, a viewport height option and a parallax effect.

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Avanti Theme


Our first theme addition Aurora stands out with a custom sidebar layout position to publish the main menu. You can apply a width between 15% and 50% to the sidebar and it provides a subtle parallax scroll for images. The background image can also be fixed, so that it remains in its position when scrolling the site. For a more interactive feeling, we have added a ripple effect to several UI elements, like buttons and navigations.

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Aurora Theme


Dolce theme comes with an elegant framed layout and a custom Bottom Offset position that is great for displaying banners. The main navigation provides four different layouts and a sticky option. It features an optional overlay logo, which double functions as a toggle to display the navigation. Additionally, you can enable a full width dropdown. The Hero position features an image picker, different blend modes, a viewport height option and a parallax effect. All components are meticulously styled, so that every UI element looks great on all backgrounds.

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Dolce Theme

24 Style Variations

To help you get started, each theme includes 6 style variations. So there is a style for everyone - from minimalistic, flat to materialish, dark and colorful. This makes eight free official Pagekit themes for you and more to come. So, head over to the Marketplace, install these beauties and start fiddling around. We're eager to hear your feedback and to see what kinds of projects you will realize using Avion, Avanti, Aurora and Dolce.

For those of you who would like to create your own themes we offer our theme development blueprint Hello. It includes the basic framework as well as code examples to provide a solid base for your projects. Additionally, we are going to publish a comprehensive tutorial on how to develop a theme using Hello. Stay tuned!

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