Pagekit Roundup May 2016

35 days later - The current state of Pagekit

About a month ago we released the first stable version of Pagekit. After four years of development, this was an incredibly exciting day for us. Pagekit got a lot of attention on social media, like Twitter and Facebook, and a number of magazines published articles on the release. So, after collecting some data and working continually on further improvements, it is now time for the next roundup.

Key Numbers

As mentioned before, the 1.0 release caused quite a stir. The demand on the website was so overwhelming that the servers buckled for a while, especially following Reddit's notorius hug of death with over 400 upvotes. We've collected a few statistics to give you a quick overview of how Pagekit has been doing lately. The percentages are based on the results from the previous roundup half a year ago.

On another happy note, we were the top trending PHP projects after the release and are still listed in the trending Github repositories this month.

What others say

Quite a few magazines and blogs published articles dedicated to Pagekit's 1.0 release or tweeted about it. Check the list below to read a selection of recent publications.

  • Comprehensive review on Speckyboy
  • Interview with our developers on
  • Introduction to Pagekit on CMS Critic
  • A short introduction for developers by extension developer Bixie
  • Tutorial on how to add Disqus comments to Pagekit by extension developer Eugene Sivokon
  • Short overview in German on t3n magazine
  • News article on The CMS Connection
  • Short overview on WebAppers
  • News article on WhatPixel
  • Development Highlights

    Obviously this release has brought a lot of feedback to us. We have already pushed three updates (changelog) since 1.0 and are happy to say that all reported bugs have been fixed in the meantime. The administration now works great on touch devices and we added many little features that were requested by the community. Open Graph implementation as well as the file management have been improved and there's a new option to add a maintenance logo, which will be displayed when a site is in offline mode.

    What's next?

    We are still taking feedback into account and improving Pagekit. These are some short-term tasks we are working on right now:

    • Taxonomies. Our number one priority right now is to make taxonomies available for developers. The blog will be the first extension to use this new feature with tags and categories. Follow the discussion here.
    • Better documentation. We are reworking and polishing the documentation, so you will be able to start using Pagekit and to resolve issues even faster. The user interface docs have already been updated.
    • Theme guide. We are writing a new guide on how to build themes for Pagekit.

    Upcoming Events

    We are really excited to talk about Pagekit. If you are going to the following events, let's meet in person.

    • JandBeyond. We're going to do a talk on Pagekit at JandBeyond in Barcelona on May 21st. Be sure to drop by or meet us for a coffee and a chat.
    • Pagekit Meetup. We're even planning a meetup at our offices is Hamburg. A bunch of people already have signed up. If you are interested in coming, please write an email to

    Latest Extensions and Themes

    While Pagekit's 1.0 release already featured a number of official and third-party themes and extensions, new ones have found their way into the Marketplace since then. Here is a full list of all new themes and extensions.


    • TinyMCE by Pagekit: Integrate the most popular editor TinyMCE
    • Userprofile by Bixie: Extend the Pagekit users with extra fields, e.g. to create a custom registration form
    • Breadcrumbs by Bixie: A breadcrumb widget for Pagekit
    • PKB Social Share by NorrNext: Display share buttons in blog posts for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn
    • PKB Social by NorrNext: This widget displays Facebook and Google+ profiles from users who like your page.
    • Social Share Privacy by PremadeGames: This extension implements's social widget with a two way privacy function.
    • Company Info by Roboto: An extension that allows you to add your company's information, like e-mail address and phone number.


    • Brick by Pagekit: Comes with a boxed layout and support for a fullscreen hero image, a sticky navbar and a background image.
    • Minimal by Pagekit: A minimalistic theme which focus lies on elegant typography and interesting details, giving your content room to shine.
    • Cards by Pagekit: Comes with a tiled layout that places boxed content items on top of a fixed background.
    • Simplicity by Sondre G: A simple theme based on the Hello and One theme.
    • Dark Theme by Sondre G: A dark theme base on the One theme and UIkit Homepage theme.

    Everyone can upload their own extension or theme to the Marketplace. As a starting point for interested developers, we offer the Hello Extension and Hello Theme. Both provide useful blueprints to develop new products for Pagekit.


    So far Pagekit has been translated into 24 languages. However, there are still a lot of languages whose translations are incomplete and need to be finished. So, if you find your language missing or incomplete, please consider heading over to Transifex and giving us a hand. We have also polished German translation.

    Give us a hand

    As we are an open source community we truly need your help to spread Pagekit. It'll make us deeply grateful if you would support the project and make Pagekit known to more people by blogging or tweeting about it. Retweeting the following tweet would be awesome!

    We very much appreciate any help with the further development. As an open source project, Pagekit is hosted on Github and very community driven. Everyone is welcome to contribute.

    As always we are eager to hear your opinions on Pagekit and the recent development. Give us your feedback in the comments section and in our community chat. Thank you!

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