Pagekit 0.10.2

Today’s Pagekit release improves session handling in the admin area, so that you never lose your work again. We have also improved the debug toolbar and included various smaller fixes. Find the list of all changes in the changelog.

Update Instructions

If you are on version 0.10.1, the updater has a bug which prevents an automatic update to the recent version. To make the updater work again, download a repaired update.js and replace the existing one in your installation. The file to replace is located at app/installer/app/bundle/update.js.

The updater in the Pagekit admin area will now work and you can use it to run the automatic update to 0.10.2. Of course, you can also choose a manual update.

Keep Your Work Across Sessions

While typing in the editor or performing other long term changes, your login session might expire in the background. Pagekit now notices this and prompts for your login credentials when you try to save. This works for all interfaces in the admin area, even if you have multiple browser windows open at the same time.

Improved Debug Toolbar

Did you know of the useful debug toolbar? Apart from routes and database queries, you can also list events triggered during the current request. With the new release, you can now click on events in the list. This will cause xdebug to launch your favourite editor at the line of code where the event was triggered.

To make sure xdebug can launch your editor, just set the correct file link format in your xdebug settings. For PHPStorm, this would be xdebug.file_link_format = "phpstorm://open?file=%f&line=%l".

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