Pagekit updated to Vue.js 1.0

Pagekit updated to Vue.js 1.0

With Vue.js reaching its final 1.0 release, we have worked through Pagekit’s JavaScript code and all components of the admin area to make sure things are running smoothly. With today’s 0.10 release, that migration is finished. Pagekit is now running with Vue.js 1.0.

What’s new

From a user point of view, nothing new has been added. This is a big release, but everything happens under the hood. The biggest change for developers is the availability of Vue.js 1.0. You can (and should) now build your extensions for the new version of Vue. Extensions still using an old Vue version can and will probably break.

Update Instructions

To make sure your admin area keeps running while updating Pagekit and your extensions, it is essential to follow the following order of steps.

Note: Before upgrading an existing site, we always recommend a full backup of your files, including a database dump.

  1. Login to your Pagekit installation. Navigate to System > Update.
  2. Pagekit will show the available version. Click the blue Update button.
  3. Navigate to System > Extensions. Run all available extension updates. These will now work again with the new version of Pagekit.
  4. If installed extensions are not available for the new Pagekit version, you might need to disable them until an update is available.


If you update Pagekit now you may encounter screens that do not render properly in the admin area. You also need to update any extensions you have installed.

The order of updates is important. First update Pagekit, then your extensions.

If you have updated an extension before running the system update, things might break. Please disable the extension, then run the Pagekit update, then enable the extension again. To disable extensions, navigate to System > Extensions and toggle the state of the extension. This screen can be accessed directly by attaching /admin/system/extensions to your site url.

Alternatively, you can disable extensions in your database. In the table pk_system_config, look for the row where name equals system. The value field contains a JSON representation of your system settings. Look for the property "extensions": [...]. Remove any extension name from the list that you want to disable.

Since this was a big JavaScript conversion, you really would help us out by reporting any smaller issue left on Github and we will fix them right away. Let us also know in the comments if you encounter any problems with the update process.

What’s next?

With the new release out of the door, we can now get into working with Vue.js inside Pagekit. The upcoming screencast will cover that topic and is based on the new code base. It will be released later this week. We are also working on some new themes which will be available in January.

We are looking forward to your feedback. Merry Xmas!

Posted by Sascha
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