Pagekit Roundup September 2015

Growth, Numbers & News: The current state of Pagekit

One month after the Beta release it is nice to see how Pagekit is growing. Developers are adopting the new Beta version, the first extensions appear in the marketplace and new Pagekit releases are coming up. To keep track with all that's happening, we're trying to write up regular roundups.

Key Numbers

So lets start with our first September roundup with some key numbers - We all like numbers, right? :-)

And we are still listed in the trending Github repositories this month.

What others say

Many thanks to the bloggers who thoroughly tested Pagekit and wrote about us. Here are some of our favorites:

Development Highlights

Today we released Pagekit 0.9.2 (changelog) that addresses all reported bugs and introduces additional improvements. Let's look at some of them.

  • Tightened security. We addressed the potential case of someone faking cookies to login to your site. This required a leaked secret key and a database dump. Of course, this shouldn't happen in the first place. Recent attacks like the one on Ashley Madison have shown differently. The refactored authentication process prevents similar attack vectors.
  • Extended Developer possibilities. Adding a section tab to Pagekit's edit views has been simplified. Also, these section tabs can now be added to user profiles. This gives 3rd party developers an easy way to add their own custom settings to those views.
  • Improved Database support. Databases with a none utf8 charset are now supported. Basically Pagekit is telling the database that it talks utf8 now.
  • Secured API. The API of the Pagekit marketplace is now running with HTTPS enabled.
  • Updated Translation files. Pagekit now comes with more than 20 languages. If you want to add your own language or improve existing ones, please contribute on Transifex.

What's next?

Both your feedback and our own ideas are directing the development of Pagekit. On our way to a final release, we are now working on the following things, amongst others.

  • Improve the markup. Additional meta information for the rendered markup. This should not only make SEO people happy. The API we'll develop on the way will probably spark other improvements.
  • Simplify updates. Include Update notifications in the backend.
  • Cleanup Vue components. The upcoming Vue.js 1.0.0 release will trigger many syntax improvements that we can incorporate
  • Publish documentation. We are getting ready to release the new version of the Pagekit Docs. The community has eagerly waited for this and it'll make Pagekit development more accessible.
  • Developer screencasts. After encouraging feedback on our first introductory video, we have a few more screencasts lined up. The first topics will cover Pagekit's file structure and the basics of extension development.

Upcoming Events

As you can imagine, we are really excited to talk about Pagekit. If you are going to the following events, let's meet in person.

  • SymfonyLive Berlin. After last year's success, we will again be a sponsor of next week's big Symfony event. Join our lightning talk or just come to our booth where we will be presenting the Pagekit Beta. Try our demo, ask questions our just grab a handful of stickers.
  • Smashing Conference Barcelona. Directly after the Berlin event, we will be heading to Spain to attend a conference we are also really excited about. If you're there, let's talk! Keep a look out for the guys and girls in Pagekit shirts - or give us a shout on Twitter.

Latest Extensions and Themes

Besides the official Pagekit packages there already are 3rd party extensions. Rumor has it that the next one from Bixie is coming very soon ;)

  • Formmaker: A classic form builder to create forms and manage its submissions, e.g. a simple contact form. This is a really powerful extension.
  • Portfolio: Create a beautiful portfolio with image galleries and lightboxes.

The first 3rd party themes have also found their way into the marketplace. Go check them out.

  • Bixie Base: Basic theme for Pagekit, based on UIkit Almost Flat theme.
  • Bixie Black: A basic dark theme for Pagekit, based on UIkit.
  • Lens: Html5up Lens Template ported to Pagekit

Give us a hand

As we are an open source community we truly need your help to spread Pagekit. It'll make us deeply grateful if you would support the project and make Pagekit known to more people by blogging or tweeting about it. Retweeting the following tweet would be awesome! And like us on Hacker News and Reddit

If you would like to contribute even more, why not check your native language on Transifex and see if you can add to the existing translations? Let's make Pagekit accessible to everyone.

Tell us what you think. We are keen to hear your feedback and ideas in the comment section and in our community chat.

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