SymfonyLive Recaps

SymfonyLive Recaps

London in September and Berlin in November: Two opportunities for us to be part of the Symfony Live events and to present Pagekit to the Symfony community.


In London, we had the pleasure to be part of the Community Partners, together with other open source projects. In between the interesting talks, we had the chance to talk to interested developers and have them try Pagekit on our demo installation.

In parallel to the talks, there was an unconference slot taking place. Quite spontaneously, we put together a few slides and gave a brief lightning talk about why Pagekit could be interesting to developers who are already familiar with Symfony.

As the conference was conveniently located in the center of London, we had the chance to go out and explore the city the day before the conference. London is a great place and we might have found the best burger restaurant in town.


When we went to Berlin, we brought a bigger setup for our booth, as we were also a sponsor at the conference. We were happy to find the sponsor area located right in between the main track and the delicious buffet. We're happy about how many people stopped by to have a look at Pagekit, ask about our progress and give feedback. Thanks to everyone who came over, even if it was just to grab a bunch of Pagekit stickers.

In Berlin, we had the chance to give another lightning talk, this time on the big stage. Jan from our team walked everyone through the basics of Pagekit and presented a few development goodies to the audience.

Thanks to the organizing teams of both the conferences. We feel right at home in the Symfony community and appreciate all of the feedback we received. We're certain all of this will only make Pagekit better.

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