Pagekit is the most trending PHP project on Github

25 days later...

Woohoo! Pagekit is the most trending PHP project on Github this month. With more than 1040 stargazers and over 105 forks Pagekit does seem to get some attention from the PHP developer community.

Altogether there have been more than 1200 commits from 26 contributers. Of course, alpha releases are always a bit rough but 79 issues already have been closed.


Over 10,280 users signed up on the Pagekit website. Thank you for trying Pagekit in these early stages! Everyone who used Pagekit and provided us with feedback up until now, actively contributed to this project. The Google+ Community counts 288 members who share their experiences with Pagekit. On Twitter we now have more than 2500 followers. Keep an eye on it to get the latest news.


We recently started using Transifex to manage the Pagekit localizations and were pleased with the rapid response from the community. Within 10 days, over 20 translations have been submitted by 54 contributors. Thank you so much! If you want to create, improve or complete an existing localization this tutorial gets you started. Any help is much appreciated.

Mentions and Reviews

We were also excited to see how quickly magazines and blogs picked up on Pagekit. We've been following the reviews and articles, also keeping the feedback given there in mind. Here are some of the first publications about Pagekit.

Alpha 2

Currently we are discussing adding a Tree Page View to Pagekit. It will show a hierarchical view of all the site's pages and allow to edit, add and order them via drag and drop. This would also make the Pages, Widget and Menu Manager redundant. We'd love to get your feedback on it.

Before we get back at work, we are taking this moment to send out a big Thank You! to all contributors who are supporting Pagekit and are helping us on our way to the Beta version. Let's do this!

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