A platform to create experiences on
the web. Intuitive and user friendly.

  • Dashboard


    The configurable dashboard provides an overview of your project and allows for quick access to your content. You can personalize the dashboard to fit your needs.

  • Blog & Pages

    Blog & Pages

    Start creating content right away with blog posts and static pages. Write markdown or pure HTML and allow your visitors to engage with your content through comments.

  • Marketplace


    Pagekit is flexible and modular, so you can easily extend it. Themes and extensions can be loaded directly from the built-in marketplace and installed with just one click.

  • Widgets


    Reorder widgets or publish them on different positions via drag and drop. Straight forward filtering functions help you to quickly locate the widget you’re looking for.

  • Users & Permissions

    Users & Permissions

    Our permission system is easy to use with permissions that have speaking names and control exactly what users may or may not do on your site. There's no tricky ACL with inheritance.

  • Easy Install & Update

    Easy Install & Update

    Pagekit’s installation is quick and easy. Using MySQL or with full SQLite support. Always stay on top of things with the one-click update, available right from your browser.

Effective tools to manage what
matters most. Your content.

  • HTML/Markdown Editor

    HTML/Markdown Editor

    Great writing experience with markdown, real-time preview, syntax highlighting and fullscreen mode. Insert images via drag and drop or through the built-in media manager.

  • Easy Media Settings

    Easy Media Settings

    Everything within the markdown editor has its own settings panel, allowing you to easily browse through and upload images, videos and other binary files.

  • File Manager

    File Manager

    Pagekit provides a handy tool to upload media and manage your file and folder structure. It is always right within your reach as part of the Markdown Editor.

  • Responsive Layout

    Responsive Layout

    Pagekit's admin interface adapts perfectly to all devices and offers a consistent experience across desktops, tablets and phones. Work on your site wherever you are.

  • Localization


    Pagekit currently speaks two languages with many more to come. If your own language is missing, contribute a language pack. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Pagekit. The foundation for
developers to build amazing things.

  • Vendors

    Symfony Components

    Pagekit is built on tested and proven code. Symfony components, Pagekit and other third party components play nicely together and are designed for testability.

  • Template Engine

    Razr Template Engine

    Pagekit’s own templating engine offers a simple and expressive syntax to make templates readable and fun to type. Razr is unintrusive, you can still use plain PHP for templating.

  • Debug Toolbar

    Debug Toolbar

    A powerful debug toolbar helps developers monitor performance and debug internal system events. Extensions can even add their own functionalities.

  • Command Line

    Command Line

    A handy helper is available as a command line tool. Clear cache, list registered routes, create a theme skeleton and upload to the marketplace right from the terminal.

  • Object-Relational Mapping

    Object-Relational Mapping

    Access your database data in an object oriented way and perform CRUD operations without writing any SQL. MySQL and SQLite are supported.

  • PHP 5.3+

    PHP 5.4+

    Pagekit utilizes the full power of current PHP standards and features, keeping the codebase clean, reusable and allowing for optimal performance.

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